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Hi ! My name is Dale Heffer and this is my website offering everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle!

This is a picture of me after losing 23 pounds and finally being able to get back into my custom made velvet jeans that I wasn't able to wear for over 20 years, but couldn't bear to throw them out!

I have been researching and using various products that promote health for the past 28 years! I bring to you several options to help you and your family enhance your lives and to become as healthy as you can be!

My products range from the basics - safe, healthy water to "green" household products, healthy weight loss products and even beauty and skin care products.

Please visit my sites to see what I recommend for your healthy lifestyle and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!

To your good health,


A Health Resource (@ Lady Be Fit )
1945 E Ridge Rd., Rochester, NY 14622
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