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About Me

I first became interested in healthy alternatives while living in Berkeley, California in the 70’s. We shopped at “Health Food” stores and bought a water purifier to be sure our water was safe. I also purchased a book on vitamins and minerals and started to teach myself about how to keep healthy naturally.


My husband, David, graduated from Chiropractic College in 1993 and we moved back to our home state of New York to start his practice and also to raise our two young children with our extended family, most of whom live in the Rochester area.


Through working at my husband’s chiropractic office, I began to learn more about alternative ways of staying healthy and became a distributor for Nikken which manufactures products to help people with various health challenges and to naturally improve overall health. I also earned a certification in Herbology in 2002.


I was most recently introduced to Isagenix by our nutritionist, Marge Pickering-Picone of Professional Nutrition Services in Rochester, NY. Isagenix provides excellent products to enhance one’s health including body cleansing products and a skin renewal system.


After many years of providing alternative healthcare products at my husband’s office as well as “out of my car,” I decided to bring everything together in one location and incorporate a fitness program that would complete the picture!


Lady Be Fit Express (formerly, Way To Be Fit) opened in October, 2005 and provides women with a place to work out and also to learn about alternatives for being healthy. I feel truly blessed to be able to offer these services to women in the Irondequoit and surrounding areas. Products and information are also available online for those who are not local to this area.


I am always on the lookout for information to share with my clients on how to become and stay healthy naturally.


Thank you for visiting my site.


Yours in good health,


Dale Heffer

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